THE SENSEGRATION BOX is the event-installation which took place on Saturday 12 November 2016 in Mogoro, from 07.00 am to 0.00 pm. At Dawn a black cabin in a shape of a parallelepiped measuring 1mX1mX2m, closed with a black courtain, was placed at the centre of our Village. No information or sign was provided around and near the installation;  each guest had to go inside the box spontaneously. Once the guest entered the box, a device activated to give birth to the Sensegration Experience: music, lights, pictures, perfumes and smells overwhelmed the guest, who found himself completely wrapped up in contrasting and strong feelings. As we said, the opposite of a sensory deprivation room.

_THE SENSEGRATION BOX is also a no-profit independent project whose goal is to spread art in all its nuances, for free and freed from imposed social rules. These are the reasons why we didn't inform the public authorities and we didn't ask for any permission concerning public land. The project was intentionally created and organised in this way to brake the rules and communicate an important message: Art Has No Boundaries and Limits.

_THE SENSEGRATION BOX is also a social experiment which had the aim of studying and discovering our fellow citizens' behaviour before an unexpected object which creates curiosity. To testify that, we were there to shoot (using many different techniques) the guests entering the box in different moments during the day.

_THE SENSEGRATION BOX is a new experience, a new form of collective movement, which found a wide sharing among friends, professionals and artists. This testifies the strong will to cause and create respectively breaking points and art at its fullest.

_The event attracted many visitors from many areas of Sardinia, also thanks to the communication campaign organised in the previous months, which permitted to reach a wide audience, international as well. Please visit our website to find materials and contents [1] and our official Facebook page [2].
As being in a space-time gate, the guest is led to a brand new sensory dimension thanks to an experience linked to sound, sight, touch and smell, which transforms into a whirl of experiential knowledge and a new way to spread information.
The Sensegration Box is the opposite of a sensory deprivaion room. When the guest goes inside, the music starts and the lights turn on thanks to a motion sensor. In this way the guest himself will experience an inevitable observation and listening event.
The box become the structural basis to display artistic works, making them alive and active and making the guest dive in new worlds interconnected along with the artistic work.

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